About American School

There are three ways to commute to ASIJ.

  1. Parent/personal driver pick-up and drop-off
  2. Train
  3. School bus

Before you start imagining getting picked up by one those plump yellow buses…

Unfortunately since 9/11, ASIJ has taken precaution against terrorist attacks and has decided to stop using those yellow school buses.

ASIJ now uses buses that resemble regular transit buses you see on Tokyo streets. 

Notice here I said that they ‘resemble’ transit buses. If you happen visit ASIJ someday, I recommend you go take a look at the front side of one of those buses.

It’s kind of cute, what they decided to do.

In my time, most of the students lived in the downtown area around Shibuya, Hiroo, Azabu, as their parents worked for embassies and other major companies from overseas.

Technically, on a bus, it takes about 40 minutes from Hiroo to ASIJ, but with the traffic and the number of stops it has to make, the ride on a school bus was (and maybe is) around an hour or so.

By train, it takes around 75min plus a 10-15minute walk from the nearest station, Tama.

As a parent, you may feel uncomfortable putting your 7 years old child on that rush-hour train in Tokyo every day for 3 hours. 

Your options are to personally drive your child to school or to use the school bus, which costs 350,000yen annually.

Subtracting the weekends and all the school vacation days from 365, a round trip costs roughly about 2200yen.

Is that costly or reasonable? Depends on the household. 

In my case, I lived outside of the school bus route so Mommy had to drive me to school every day. Thank you Mom. Love you.

So what’s the bus route?

I believe that for security reasons ASIJ does not disclose its service routes.

For the same reason, I prefer not to mention any specific bus stop locations.

What I remember most about these buses is that when I wanted to go to a friend’s house, I was allowed to just hop on one of the buses for as long as I paid the fee per ride.

I think it was 1000 or 1500yen.

I don’t know if they still allow this, but back then, this was pretty convenient!

So…there it is.

The three modes of transportation to and from ASIJ.

  1. Parent/private driver pick-up and drop-off
  2. Train
  3. School bus

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